The 5-in-1 Maintenance plan

Experience The first Total Maintenance Solution created specifically for multi unit Landlords. For a simple monthly fee, you can now have access to Plumbing, Heating, Locksmith, Electricians and Security technicians at short notice as and when you need them. No booking fees. No call out charge-ever.


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White Label Property Maintenance Plans For Landlords

The 5-in-1 Maintenance plan created with Landlords in mind.

Outsource the maintenance and support of your client’s Property Maintenance to us using our unique white label plans for Landlords.

One fairly priced package-all of your reactive Maintenace needs handled.

One fairly priced package.

Your client gets:

Locksmith work

Electrical work

Plumbing Work

Home Security

Heating Work

No more sleepless nights

We take care of your customer’s site from regular maintenance to security & backups. You grab the glory!

Ready in no time

Order the plan that meets your client's needs, charge them what you wish, and we will take care of their site.


Sell the care plans as part of your package and hand the work to us.

No hidden costs or contracts

Make as much margin as you like, and we’ll even offer discounts based on further volume. Our white label maintenance plans allow you to be flexible & grow your business!

Saving you money. Making you money.

Up to 10% discount for volume white label customers, you have an even better margin to earn more monthly revenues.

Your brand, Our expertise

Our white label care plans help you add a recurring profitable revenue stream to your business.

Pay Us directly or Get your client to pay us directly

(and get commission)

For Estate Agencies, Property/Facility Management Firms and Block Management.

Our fully managed white-label Property maintenance care plans are for Estate Agencies and Property Management firms, big and small. Total Asset Protection powered by Allservices4u can provide easy, hands-off maintenance and care plan services for your clients.

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